New Orleans Pool Bar Lounging

An “Excuse Pool” with towel rentals at the bar

We had to put this page up because we were asked about our pool. This isn’t a pool to plan a day around. It’s not even really a pool, just a really big hot tub.

We keep it about 87 degrees year-round. What it’s great for is spontaneity. Stop by when you’re in the neighborhood and see if maybe your friends are here.

We call it an “excuse pool,” as in its an “excuse” to wear a bathing suit and get some sun or an “excuse” to lounge about all day.

Be our guest, even if you’re not our hotel guest

Our 17′ pool is tiny, but it’s open to everyone. You don’t need to pay a fee or make a reservation.

Come whenever Rising Sun is open and, well, maybe not exactly swim but at least dip your feet in.

Guests can enjoy an afternoon snack or a refreshing drink while lounging poolside. We’ve got frozen cocktails, and you can order from a digital menu to get your drinks delivered right to the water’s edge.

The pool is open; take a dip, soak up some rays and have a light bite or specialty coffee. We’re here for you, particularly if you’re a local, queer, and/or in the service industry – consider this your special invite.

Celebrating the way New Orleans was

It doesn’t make any sense that we have a tiny pool in the middle of what should be our dining area.

Any practical business would either monetize it as a private amenity or close it off and be done with it. That’s what Bearcat CBD did, and they are smarter than we are.

But having a pool is fun, and we like it. Sometimes it turns into a whole thing. Sometimes it is what brings the entire bar to life. Other times it’s just this weird quirk of a strange coffee shop.

It feels right to us that it’s wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent the pool?

Yes, but you’d have to pay us our regular special event fee, so if you’re just looking to swim, there’s no way it would be worth it.

Now, if you’re looking to have a whole swim-themed party for a birthday or business, then we should talk. Our pricing and availability are on Margaret Place’s website.

What are the pool rules?

Rinse off by the water fountain/bathroom before putting any part of yourself in the pool! We’re super serious about this.
There’s no lifeguard on duty, swim (or rather, wade) at your own risk.
No animals in the pool.
Our “glassware” is plastic, so it’s chill.
No one under 21 is allowed in the pool.
Relatedly, the pool is tiny, and the bathroom is only feet away. If you pee in the pool and someone narcs, you get a perma-ban, and they (all) get free drinks. Your guilty face will give you away.
Except for the bathroom near the pool, don’t go inside if you’re wet. If you’re looking to order more drinks, use the digital menu or flag down wait staff.