A Very New Orleans Coffee Shop

We’re a fiercely independent coffee shop and cafe on the edge of the Lower Garden District and Warehouse District. We want to be your favorite cafe in New Orleans, your new third place for outdoor seating and excellent coffee.

Introducing Decent Espresso

We’re the first espresso bar in New Orleans to use the Decent Espresso machine, and we’re passionate about it. Right now, there’s a split in specialty coffee between the cafes that have over-automated (using superautomatic espresso machines like the Eversys, which advertises “No Barista Needed”) and those that have celebrated craft by reverting to retro machines and processes.

Decent Espresso is a synthesis to that dialectic. It’s advancing coffee science by allowing our skilled baristas to obsess over the perfect espresso.

Exclusively Local Coffee Roasters

We only serve the best NOLA-roasted coffee beans from a curated selection of the best coffee shops in New Orleans, such as Mammoth Espresso, Cherry Coffee Roasters, and Pretty Coffee. Using exclusively the best and freshest locally roasted beans means the best lattes and the best cold brews, but also that we can be a part of building NOLA’s coffee shop scene back up to where it should be as a city with such a tight connection to coffee.

Signature Seasonal Drinks

Our drink menu changes with the seasons. Our cafe lead, Rachel Blackstone, and her team are constantly developing new specialty drinks. We fancy ourselves an experiment-driven coffee shop, and all of our syrups are completely house-made. Most of our drinks are available on ice, and many are designed to be boozed up too!


Our first signature drink. It’s persisted, despite the massive confusion its name frequently causes hungry patrons. It’s made with our own maple butter flavor, a shot of espresso, oat milk, and a dash of cinnamon. If you didn’t already guess, it tastes exactly like really good pancakes. It’s weird, and we like weird.

Golden Sun

Our twist on a “Golden Latte,” but so much more flavorful. Traditionally Golden Lattes are made with turmeric, but we felt this caffeine-free drink needed something more. Our team decided to experiment with adding another flavorful root into the mix: ginger. And wow, are we impressed with how it turned out.

Made with ginger, turmeric, cayenne, and honey, this sweet & spicy drink is sure to give you a taste of sunshine during these shortened winter days.

Serious about Tea

Southern sweet tea is a New Orleans tradition, and ours is excellent.

However, we’re passionate about presenting the best specialty teas from around the world, including ceremonial grade matcha and direct-trade teas. We proudly serve Rishi Teas & Botanicals. Rishi is the world’s premier tea importer and one of the first certified organic.

We even freshly make our own spiced chai in-house.

Teas are available hot or iced and made to order. Some of the varieties include Earl Gery, Wild Thai Black Tea, Hibiscus, Mint, Rooibos, or Bancha Green Tea.

More than a Cafe: Bakery, Bar, Sandwiches, and Entrees

Rising Sun is more than just a cafe.

Matt and Jake Erickson, our father and son chef team, have crafted a menu of nostalgic food you’ll crave.

Order ahead with our app for a speedy lunch. We also feature unique pastries baked in-house fresh every morning by our inventive pastry chef (and accomplished burlesque performer), Violet Badflower.

Fresh pastries and other great baked goods are only the start. You can even get your drinks delivered to you in the pool.

Working to build a better New Orleans

NOLA gotta shine. Rising Sun’s independence and our capabilities as an event venue makes us the ideal neutral turf for professionals to gather. We’re working to put New Orleans’ coffee back on the map. It starts with us rebuilding connections with local vendors. It ends with NOLA dominating the 2025 World Barista Championship.