King Cake Muffins, Get Some

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If you are looking for King Cakes in New Orleans, look no further.  It’s Carnival Season, and here at Rising Sun, we’re taking the King Cake Tradition to a new level with Violet Badflower’s King Cake Muffin.  These Muffins, inspired by Traditional New Orleans King Cakes, are everything you want in a Mardi Gras King…
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Fresh Baked Pastries

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Fresh Baked Pastries We are serious about our coffee and our pastries. What goes together better than quality espresso and a freshly made Pastelito? Our pastry chef, Violet Badflower, interprets the seasons through her baking. Bringing us seasonal favorites and something you won’t find anywhere else. All of the pastries are baked fresh on-site each…
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It’s Tea Time

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It’s Tea Time While we love our coffee, we wouldn’t be an authentic Cafe and Cofee Shop without featuring premium tea. We’re passionate about presenting the best specialty teas from around the world, including ceremonial grade matcha and direct-trade teas. We proudly serve Rishi Teas & Botanicals. Rishi is the world’s premier tea importer and…
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All About Coffee

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All About Coffee This one is all about coffee, and here at Rising Sun, we are all about quality coffee. We love New Orleans and feature the best NOLA-roasted coffee beans from a curated selection of the best coffee shops in New Orleans, such as Mammoth Espresso, Cherry Coffee Roasters, and Pretty Coffee. We’re also the…
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Featured Favorite: The B.E.A.T

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The B.E.A.T Almost everyone’s heard of a BLT, but have you heard of a B.E.A.T.? This is our take on a genuinely classic sandwich. We’ve swapped the standard romaine lettuce with our favorite leafy green: arugula. Arugula’s slightly spicy and peppery flavor makes it a superior sandwich topper compared to the watery and bland romaine….
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New Year, New Hours

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New Year, New Hours We are thrilled to announce that Rising Sun will now be open for Happy Hour and Dinner. Starting January 3, 2023, Rising Sun will now be open Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. and Friday-Sunday from 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. If you need to get work done or want…
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Decent Espresso

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New Orleans Welcomes Decent Espresso If there is something that every city needs in our Modern Era, it’s Decent Espresso. And here at Rising Sun, we are proud to be the first Cofee Shop and Cafe in New Orleans featuring Decent Espresso. This machine’s advanced features bridge the quality of Italian Espresso with the engineering…
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